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today21 August 2021


It was 1995 when I first saw a live gig by Ultra Sonic [US].  On 27th December 1995, I boarded a chartered bus from the Square Shopping Centre car park in Tallaght, Dublin circa 6.30 pm, destined for N.E.C. Navan, County Meath. Fortunately, I had a V.I.P. pass giving me [triple AAA] Access-All-Areas, even backstage!  When we arrived, my friend and I got to hang out with the performing artists, stage crew and backing dancers.  I had already been an avid Techno follower and for a first time US gig, the lighting effects, music and energy with Mallorca Lee MC on the mic getting the crowd going.  I must admit – it was an amazing experience!

From Ayrshire – Scotland, Rodger Hughes and Mallorca Lee formed Ultra-Sonic in the early 90s to become one of Scotland’s most successful dance acts. After signing a recording deal in 1991 with the Scottish independent dance label Clubscene Records (founded 1991).  In 1994, they released their first single, ‘Obsession’ (Feat. Scottish singer Heather Allan) and quickly became one of the rave scene’s biggest acts.  I must admit this is probably one of my favourite tracks along with Annihilating Rhythm… and Angel. Between 1992 and 1997 US have released 5 studio albums 3 of which were with ClubScene Records and one with Rumour Records

[US] Studio Albums

  • Tekno Junkies ’92–’94 (1994)
  • Global Tekno (1995)
  • The Hour of Chaos (1997)
  • Annihilating Rhythms (2005)

Listen out for the new 17 track album ‘Hardcore Will Never Die’ (2020), #HWND collaboration with Dream Frequency and the latest Ultra-Sonic Remixes.

TAKE ME AWAY is the first collaboration from Dream Frequency & Ultra-Sonic and was released on 30th April 2021.  More info:

Many other live recordings have been released and Mallorca has now produced his own solo work.
Check out Mallorca’s discography here in the music tab at


Songs from a short film no one will see

Genre: Electronic

Year:    2018

Tracks:  10

Computer Games [Deluxe Edition]

Genre: Trance

Year:    2015

Tracks: 30

Computer Games

Genre: Trance

Year:    2013

Tracks: 11

Mallorca Lee XL

Genre: Trance

Year:    2011

Tracks: 14

Label: MXXL

His tunes have hounded my turntables and dogged-out my dancefloors for many years to howling response! Judge Jules.

Acid & Eve – Genre | House [digitally released Feb. 2019] is the latest album from Mallorca, celebrating 30 years of Acid House Music and Roland Technology.  Returning to the machines and sounds that got him excited and addicted to electronic music and changed his life forever…

The US certainly hasn’t slowed down, in fact, it’s time to ‘wind it up!’ with some more Annihilating Rhythms…


Future Gig(s):
Join Mallorca Lee [US] along with special guests from around the world at ‘1994 We Will Rave Again’ 100% Oldskool /1994  – celebrating the best years in Rave happening on 28th August 2021 and his first DJ set under his own name in 18 months celebrating the end of the lockdown and the big man’s birthday on the 18th September Open To Close [OTC] at The Classic Grand, Glasgow. You can buy tickets HERE

Address: Classic Grand, 18 Jamaica Street, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom. G1 4QD


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