Weekday Evenings

Presented by Paul Kavanagh

Wednesday 18:00 trending_flat 21:00
Thursday 18:00 trending_flat 21:00

After a hard day at home or in the office, Join Paul for some of the best music from the 2 great decades of the 90s and Noughties.

Weekday Evenings crew

Paul Kavanagh

This adventure started for me back in 1994. Kiss 103 FM came on air, and from there my radio journey began. This started lifelong friendships with Ralph McGarry and Sean Power.

Ralph McGarry

I currently present a pop music programme on Monday between 6pm and 8pm UK/IRL time where I play the best in music from the 90s and noughties and include two features: ‘This week in the 90s and noughties’, revisiting headlines from that period, and ‘Birthday Share’, highlighting which celebrities and famous people you share your birthday with.