Weekday Breakfast

Presented by Aidan Power

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Welcome to the breakfast radio show, the perfect start to your day. Aidan will be playing a selection of the best 90s and 00s hits to accompany your morning routine. Whether you’re getting ready for work, dropping off the kids, or simply enjoying a cup of tea, from pop and rock classics to R&B and hip hop, we’ve got all the hits that will take you on a nostalgic journey back in time. Enjoy music, fun and banter to keep you informed and entertained. So join us every morning as we play the best 90s and 00s music, and start your day off on the right note.

Weekday Breakfast crew

Aidan Power

Aidan Power aka DJ Power! plays your all-time favourites from two great decades of the 90s and Noughties every Wednesday to Friday morning from 8am. Whatsapp your requests to 085 2899092

Mike O’Brien

I started off on Freedom FM doing one day week on drivetime in late summer 2001. I worked for another radio station called Radio Caroline at the time and Freedom was the station to be on. I chanced my arm and the station manager Mr Simon Davis gave me a few more shows as I gained in confidence and ability. Freedom for me was and is the soundtrack to my early 20s and I loved every single second of being on air. So much so that I have nearly taped every single show I did on the station!!! I have made lifelong friends from Freedom 92FM and was gutted when it closed. We have all now as a group relived all the memories and there is good craic on the WhatsApp group too. I hope you can join me Mondays and Tuesdays for some great music on the Breakfast Show.