Presented by Sean Power

Monday 23:00 01:00
Tuesday 00:00 01:00

Welcome aboard The Nightcruise, the perfect show to take you on a journey of love and relaxation. Sean specializes in playing a selection of the best love songs and easy listening music that will set the tone for the perfect evening. Whether you’re driving, winding down after a long day, or just want to relax, our carefully curated playlist will take you on a musical adventure. From timeless classics to the songs that bring back memories, our music is the perfect accompaniment to your night. So sit back, relax and enjoy the journey as we sail into the night with our selection of heart-warming love songs and smooth easy listening tracks on The Nightcruise.

Nightcruise crew

Sean Power

Sean Power aka Simon Davis!….so where do i start! Rewind to the days of CB radio, staying up to strange hours to try and talk to random strangers from around the world on 27mhz!

Nikki B

Nikki is an author , mindfulness advocate and pod-caster from Cavan. From a young age Nikki had an interest in media and writing. At the age of 15 she worked in RTE. she studied Media and presentation skills for drama in college and went on to work in shows such as Sm:Tv and Cd:Uk in London. Nikki absolutely loves music and loves being on the air waves sharing music with all the listeners. She is so happy to be joining the team at Freedom Fm