Wayne Scales


The photo above was from 1993 as an 11 year old excited Aston Villa fan while in Liverpool to watch a Premier League game, and yes from my face, we lost!

I started my radio gig way back as a 17 year old from Mrs Powers shed in Dublin on Freedom FM in 1998. She made savage tea and lovely sambos too. They’re badly missed!

Back on air with The Nineties Noughty Brekkie and Sunday Mass Hits after a 17 year break, where did I go for all them years?

Well, I worked in Ibiza in 2006 as resident DJ at an Irish Bar for 6 months and in and around many bars and clubs around Dublin City up until 2010. Funny, all but one of these establishments remain still open to this day (NOTHING to do with me, there was a recession in 2009, honestly!)

In 2008 I started at Ireland’s Most Visited Tourist Attraction Guinness Storehouse until July of this year. I know all their secrets and can pour a decent pint! As an old 90s advert said “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait!”…it’s fantastic to have our Freedom back!