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Welcome aboard The Nightcruise, the perfect show to take you on a journey of love and relaxation. Sean specializes in playing a selection of the best love songs and easy listening music that will set the tone for the perfect evening. Whether you're driving, winding down after a long day, or just want to relax, our carefully curated playlist will take you on a musical adventure. From timeless classics to […]

Sean Power….so where do i start! Rewind to the days of CB radio, staying up to strange hours to try and talk to random strangers from around the world on 27mhz! The radio bug got me from an early age. The early 90s brought a very welcome addition to the airwaves in Dublin with the launch of pirate station Kiss 103, I managed to persuade the owners to allow me to spin the hits overnight although they did remove the microphone from studio each time in case I had to urge to say hello! Kiss closed down in 1993, roll on a few months to 1994 and myself and Andy Walker decided to setup Freedom 92FM, which I can only describe as the best 8 years of my life ( you can read all about our adventures in the about section on our website! ). 2020….what a you could call all this our lock-down project, the band back together!