Scott Turner


Hi all,

Welcome – Scott Turner here…  25 years on and I’m back with the Freedom 92FM crew.  The difference now is we have all grown up (kind of…) and Freedom 92FM is accessible online and digital all around the world from smart devices.  I first met with Simon Davis and Andy Walker when I got involved with another Radio Station – Dublin’s KISS 103.2 FM.  Ralph McGarry was also a part of the radio station but because of rotas I probably didn’t know him as well as the others.

After it closed, I regrouped with Simon Davis, Andy Walker and by association I met DJ Power. I was one of the first DJ’s to join the Freedom 92FM line up and I started out with a weekend chart show running down through the top 40 chart hits every weekend – skipping over the tracks I didn’t have CD’s for ?  At that time, we were operating out of the box bedroom in Mrs. Powers house… soon after, I moved onto to other ventures before the big move occurred to the upgrade into the shed…

I then went on to have an extended DJ career working with a popular Dublin based DJ agency and every weekend I was placed doing gigs all around Dublin City night clubs mainly frequenting the Capital Bars chain of venues which included; Break for the Border, O’Dwyers (Howl at the Moon) on Mount Street, Fireworks  the old fire station at Pearse Street, Zanzibar on Ormond Quay, Sinnott’s up at Stephen’s Green shopping centre and Dicey’s at the Russell Court Hotel to mention a few.  Since then I have DJed numerous clubs, bars, weddings and party venues throughout the country of Ireland. #LiveIrishDJ

I introduced budding DJ Leigh (Lee) to the Freedom 92FM crew and station and she went on to have a show of her own with some training and mentoring from the more experienced jocks! I knew Gav Kennedy from our school days.  Partially through knowing me Simon Davis got to know his now wife…

I am now back on Freedom 92FM online with Drive Time, Tuesdays and Thursdays [GMT] 4-6pm.