Presenter / Production

Paul Dee


Hi, my name is Paul Dee. I am 37, 5’7” (if i wear my platforms), I love going on long wal…. What?, it’s not THAT kinda website profile. Shame, I’ve a BIG cd collection.

The year 2000. the year when the world was supposed to blow up because of the millennium bug, it didn’t. The hot news topic when I started was George Bush getting elected after 12 trillion recounts – I bet ‘murica would take him back with open arms right about now. Being a proud northsider hailing from Donaghmede – beautifully and eloquently nick-named coke n speed, I can tell you this was also the year that the DART got extended to Malahide and Greystones. We didn’t know ourselves.

The summer,  long gone at this point but the memory of Craig David playing the old Point Depot floats around the brain.

Freedom 92 FM just added the second person to LOVE Garage music to their schedule. Pat Gill being the other. I walked up nervously through the side gate on a dull Saturday morning, and was met by Simon Davis where he showed me the studio and introduced me to the Freedom 92 FM house staff. Right buddy, it’s all yours”. Gulp. I pressed play on the top of hour jingle and played Artful Dodger – Rewind. A three year love affair was born.

I’m on Monday to Friday from 2pm playing tunes to get you through the afternoon. Gwan, give it a listen. Oh. my best mate is the sexiest DJ in the world… Mike O’Brien!!