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Anything Goes

Presented by Louise Scott

Join Louise for Anything Goes! as we relive the best of the 90s and 00s, with a mix of nostalgia and fresh sounds. Let's go back in time and enjoy the music that made our childhood unforgettable!"


Presented by Louise Scott

Welcome to Momstrife! The show made for parents by parents. Join us as we bring you the best of the 90s and 00s, an era of music that defined a generation of parents and their children. Louise plays the biggest hits and most iconic tracks of pop, hip-hop, R&B, and alternative music. From the feel-good anthems of Madonna and Spice Girls, to the hip-hop classics of Notorious B.I.G and Wu-Tang […]

I started on Freedom, purely by chance. I was an avid listener, I plucked up the courage and called up Kyran Murray one Sunday, to request “Gala, Freed from Desire “; We clicked. Not long after, I was answering his phone for him! That was 1997, I was 14. Soon after, I was spinning shows, by myself. As luck would have it, the station Managers were on holiday, Mrs. Power came out to visit me, with a cup of tea and a penguin bar, she was the station Mom, with the patience of a saint and treated us all like her own kids. Each time I visit Ireland, I make sure I visit her for a cuppa. She suggested I do a link, I was petrified, but managed it. This might be news to the Managers today. Simon Davis offered me my own show, I started off doing Wednesday’s 2-4 pm and that evolved into eventually doing the chart show, Mondays 4-6 pm. Both were after school, so I’d always run for the bus and always be in my Presentation School uniform.

I’ve met some of the best friends I have, through Freedom. I have nothing but fond, fun memories of the station. I grew up there; literally.

Fast forward to 2020 and I think we all needed a little bit of a pick-me-up in our lives. They got the band back together; they started broadcasting again, this time, online. I was delighted to be asked and thrilled I could do it.

I moved to Vancouver, BC, in 2011 and thankfully, we now possess the technology that allows me to be part of the crew again.

My real-life took a completely different turn from radio, I originally began my career, working as a makeup artist in a retail setting, when I moved to BC, that evolved into Operations, I traded in my peep toes for some steel toes. Thankfully, I’ve now found a job that allows me to combine both cosmetics and operations ; I run a warehouse that distributes cosmetics , across Canada.

I have 2 little boys, Max and Evan and 2 dogs, that we flew over from Ireland with us.

I love the outdoors and I’ve discovered a new passion while living here; Mountain biking. I Can not get enough of it, so I’m truly grateful that I live in a place with some of the most challenging trails in the world.  These days, I mostly ride with Max, he’s on a special seat that allows him to shred the Gnar with me. We also love hiking, you’re never far from a trail, in beautiful B.C.  I have some solid friends here, my mom friends call ourselves “Moms Gone Mild” as the only late nights we have these days, are because of our kids.

I met my husband, Paul, while working on freedom in 2002, I’ve kept him around. He’s ok, I guess.

MomStrife came about from the madness that comes with parenting. MomLife didn’t feel appropriate; all too often, things don’t go to plan with kids (fur babies included!). Sometimes I sit back and look at the things that happen to us, as a family and think you couldn’t write this sh!t. so, I want to hear your stories! Let’s make each other laugh, let’s face it, if we don’t laugh, we might cry.