Louise Jordan


My radio journey started when I was around 14.  Like all the local teens, I was an avid listener of Freedom 92fm and a regular attendee of Club Future, the local disco (run by the same fantastic crew).

I’d been phoning Freedom so much looking for requests and shout outs; I’d lost all my phone privileges at home.  So, somehow or other I managed to persuade the guys to let me come up and see the actual radio studio.  I mean, in hindsight, I had been a bit of a stalker so fair play to them for being that brave! God only knows what they were expecting.

Within a few weeks, I had somehow convinced Simon Davis and Andy Walker to let me answer the phones.  I imagine, to them, it became pretty obvious that I was a new fixture, and not in the ideal way, but they kindly afforded me lots of new opportunities; firstly as a phantom DJ – as in, not allowed to talk.  That was admittedly weird for me, but eventually, I got myself a steady slot of Tuesday 6-8pm.  A year or so later they agreed to let me do Sunday’s 1-3pm, I called the show Strictly Funk.

I was besotted with everything about radio and went on to study it at third level, all the while doing my two shows a week with Freedom.

Once I graduated, I got some gigs answering phones in 98fm, one of the licensed stations in Dublin, around that time, I moved on from Freedom physically, but I was still emotionally connected!

My phone answering job eventually led to a news reading gig, which led to some overnight presenting with FM104.  This was followed by an afternoon stint in Waterford on Beat 102-103 which led me back to Dublin where I spent 7 years with FM104 on the weekend and evening schedule before hanging up my headphones to focus on a marketing career.

I’m still in love with radio so it’s beyond exciting for me to have the opportunity to present lunchtime favourites every weekday on Freedom 92FM.