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Weekday Brunch

Presented by Jen Larke

Weekday Brunch is the perfect show to enjoy the best music from the 90s and 00s while you start your day. Join us as we take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with a handpicked selection of iconic hits from the two decades that defined a generation. From pop and rock classics to unforgettable ballads and power anthems, our playlist will keep you entertained and energized throughout your morning. Whether […]

When I first moved up to Dublin from the country with friends back in 98, we listened to Freedom all the time. We used to phone in our music requests   and the excitement when they were called out. They were good times. I loved the station then and was delighted to hear it was back on air in 2020.

I started off at an early age studying and training for a career in sound and production. Loved being in a studio. Then life, career and family took over, yet it’s always remained a passion of mine. I’m music mad and the 90’s and 00’s are decades just fuelled with great music. I’ve been involved in radio again for quite some time and have discovered I love presenting.

On occasion, I write articles for local newspapers and magazines and also have a style blog on Instagram @jenniferlarkestyle.

I’m super excited in joining the Freedom team and getting to present on this station. Once I heard it was happening, I told my ole pals and they said they’ll be sending in their requests again just like the good ole days. Only this time, I’ll get to read them out. I hope you all send in yours too.