Feargal Skoff


Hi, I present the night cruise on Monday and Tuesdays. Join me Mondays when we play Monday Punday and the Love Lyrics game.
While if you tune in on Tuesday I will give you a crack at our Love Slowed Down game. On both nights I also want to hear from everyone who is in love with someone, feeling loved up by someone or alone  missing their love, if that’s you get in touch and I will do your romance shoutout on the radio.

As to my broadcasting history I started on Dublin pirate radio back in the early 90s. After moving to the UK in the late 90s I start to broadcast on radio in Kent and Sussex.
In the 2000s I started to do freelance voice acting work and have narrated audiobooks – including the Ben Sign Private Spy series. These days I can be found doing audio voice work as well as doing night time radio on Freedom FM