Emma Ryan

Emma Ryan


Born in Dublin, raised in Melbourne, and infatuated with anywhere but ‘home’. Never one to settle, I’ve spent the past twelve years travelling back and forth between the two worlds I call home. The cliché is true: Home is where the heart is, and my heart is dancing abroad, soaking in the European charm, wandering small towns, and searching for the best food, electronic music festivals, and DJ sets the cities have to offer… Unfortunately, all that changed when a short trip back to Australia in December 2019 anchored me back Down Under in Melbourne, where these days I spend my time Freelance writing, roller skating, practicing yoga, and dreaming about life before 2020.

I’m super excited to have Freedom FM back on the air and be part of the team, as we relive the 90’s and 00’s through some classics and bring back memories from the ‘good old days’, while we reminisce about life before lockdowns when grunge and punk rock were all the rage, the Spice Girls and boy bands ruled the world, and the sweet sounds of RnB was life.


Don’t let my accent throw you either, I’m not just your typical Aussie import. In 1999, I moved back to Dublin for a 6 month stay with family, and I was sucked right in by the glorious city, calling it home for the next 8 years. My love story with radio broadcasting and producing started back in 2003, working with various Dublin radio stations before moving back to Australia where I continued my radio dreams before settling into the world of marketing and following other pursuits.


Join me for your lunch time favorites every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1pm to 3pm.