Andy Walsh


Skateboarding down a steep hill towards 40, radio and music remain my good friends. From Dublin Ireland, the capital is still my home. Domestic bliss and nappies are part and parcel of my day now.

The music scene in Dublin in the 90s and early 00s was insane, with the streets rammed with bars and clubs specialising in different genres but the theme was always the same, people getting together to enjoy great music. So I am here to play favourites and facilitate a brief escape from the madness. Yes madness.

And when you tune in, we’re all together, and maybe for a moment we’re also back in that place you fondly remember. Time travel is class .

Wo, I went deep there, I blame the sleep deprivation. Tune in on Mondays and Fridays 10-11PM for some escape and some ‘this is 40’ light ranting.