Adrienne O’Hora


Lunchtime Favourites

Presented by Adrienne O'Hora

Join Adrienne for the perfect lunchtime radio show, as she takes you on a journey through the best music of the 90s and 00s. Whether you're taking a break from work or simply looking to unwind during your lunch hour, our playlist will transport you back in time to the days when music was king. From unforgettable ballads to dance floor anthems, we've got all the hits that will keep […]

The Red Eye

Presented by Adrienne O'Hora

Kick off your Fridays with a blast from the past on Adrienne's Red Eye Show! Every Friday morning, tune in to your favourite radio station and get ready for a musical journey through the 00s and 90s. Adrienne plays all your favourite hits from the 2 great decades, guaranteed to wake you up with a smile, so grab your coffee and join Adrienne for a fun-filled start to your day. […]

After 4th year secondary school work experience on Beaumont Hospital radio, at 15 years old I started presenting there and then on Hot FM the pirate radio station.  I then went on to present shows on several radio stations (FM104, Q102, Radio Nova, IRadio, LMFM) and have spent the last 6 years as one of the voices of RTE 2 Television promos, which has been beyond a dream.

It’s brilliant being a part of the team here at Freedom FM and playing cool tunes from the 90s and noughties to wake up our listeners.