Lovers & Friends Festival 2022



When i first saw this advertised in 2020, my immediate thought was that this HAD to be another Fyre Festival. How could anyone (Even Snoop) put a line up like this together? If it’s too good to be true, it usually is! I trawled through social media accounts and I wasn’t alone with my suspicions as everywhere was talking about it but saying that there was no way on earth this line up could be legit.

Lil’ Kim even tweeted that she hadn’t been notified about the festival only to come back later stating that the Check had cleared!

The festival was rescheduled and inevitably cancelled again but now, I’m pretty sure this is gonna happen. With events starting to take place again and the world getting back to some level of normality, it looks certain that this will happen. Many of the socials are remaining silent on it but Snoop has published it across his platforms and Dru Hill have been blagging it on their Twitter account

It’s actually hard to tell if this is legit but I would definitely expect that the lineup is probably performers that have been approached and not necessarily booked. I would definitely expect to see a different lineup by the time it actually goes ahead (if it does)

There are some words of warning for this, however.

  • There are some obvious red flags. The main site that asks for registration to get a presale code and the link doesn’t go anywhere so it’s impossible to register for presale. It has been like that for at least a few days which means nobody can pre-register for the big presale. This is something that an event of this size would notice and fix quickly.
  • There is a serious lack of publicity among the acts on the poster apart from a handful that have confirmed that they have been booked
  • There are far too many performers for this to happen over 1 day. Unless there were 4 large stages (Which there will not be), it’s hard to see how they could all perform all but 1 song each. We have a lineup of over 50 artists over a day, so let’s say it starts at Midday and finished at 11, with each “Main act performing an hour (3 acts for simplicity)”, which means that 40 + acts will perform in a space of  8 hours? I go to a lot of music events and I don’t see how this is possible.

So all in all, take this with a pinch of salt. If the event was spaced over 3 days, id be more inclined to believe it but the fact that it is a one day makes this a little hard to believe.

in case you need reminding of how epic this lineup is



So the questions are:

Is this a sham? The answer is probably.

Will I line up to get a ticket? Absolutely, 100% yes!

Would I advise you to buy a ticket? Definitely not

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can check it here:

I’m featuring artists from the lineup over the weekend so listen here live Saturday & Sunday 6-8 GMT or listen back on my page HERE

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