Glastonbury Home Concert

today16 May 2021

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It won’t be good…….it’ll be GREAT!

Here we are again; only 1 year on and some may say little has changed. That’s certainly the feeling in the Republic Of Ireland where we have been locked down for 3 months! It’s at this stage where you’re done with the Zoom Parties, You’ve completed Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney (Even the kid’s stuff) but then, the Glasto organisers go and announce that they are putting on a ticketed event on May 22nd! So, you’ve probably done a few of these types of gigs and are thinking well, they have all been a bit “Meh”, so what makes this any different? So let me answer that by telling you who’s lined up so far.

The Lineup (So Far):

So far they have announced a few acts and in my opinion, if that’s all that performed, I’d be sold but the fact is, that they have said they won’t be announcing all of the acts and there will be some surprise acts! So the lineup so far looks like this:

  • Coldplay
  • Damon Albarn (Of Blur – I know you know but ya know)
  • HAIM
  • Idles
  • Jorja Smith
  • Kano
  • Michael Kiwanuka
  • Wolf Alice

There is a bit of everything in this lineup and I’ve seen most of them live and here’s what I have to tell you. Don’t miss Michael Kiwanuka! I have seen him twice in the last few years and honestly, his voice, especially when live, is something that has to be heard live.

Who are these people?

Coldplay (You would have to have lived under a rock for 2 decades)
Damon Albarn – Frontman for Blur
HAIM – meaning “life” in Hebrew
Idels – British Rock band – Not my cup of tea but I’ll give them a go!
Jorja Smith – I’m biased because I might be in love with her – Also, she’s amazing live!
Kano – British Rapper & Songwriter
Michael F**ckin Kiwanuka! Absolute living Legend. If you don’t know the name, you’ll know the song / voice
Wolf Alice – British Alternative Rock Band (dare I say very Shakespears Sister?)

How much are the tickets?

The ticket price depends on your actual location and is as follows: £20, €23, $27.50 & AUD$35. For a 5 hour show and as many people as you want (Or as allowed 😉 ) this is buttons! I’ve spent more money on a McDonald’s order and this is not a 30-minute show, oh no, this is gonna be long enough for you to get through at least a bottle of Vodka.

Where do I get a ticket and how long will it be?

All you need to do is head over to the Glastonbury official site here and buy a ticket. The details of what you need to do to join on the day will be emailed to you 7 days before the event. They announced that the gig will be at least 5 hours so you can expect that. I’ve had some pretty lame attempts at live music since Covid ruined life as we know it (only for now) and they were all lacking. The best by a long who was the Global Citizen free live event around mid-2020 with a close second going to the Billy Eilish gig but THAT was only an hour so that sucked!

The main difference I think is this is generating some serious chat and that will likely lead to serious sales and you can be sure, it won’t be hard to book people so they could nearly have whomever they want to perform. Glastonbury doesn’t understand the word “small”. so I’m thinking it’s gonna be huge. There will obviously be some smaller setups for performers that cant get to the site etc but I think this will be the live stream music event that we will remember (for good reasons).

When is it on and what time does it start?

The event is scheduled for Sat May 22nd and will be broadcast in full across four separate time zones, with staggered live streams for the UK,

Europe, Africa & the Middle East, East Coast North America & Central / South America, West Coast North America, and Australia, New Zealand & Asia.
Livestream #1 – UK, EUROPE, AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST: 19.00 BST / 20.00 CEST & SAST / 21.00 MSK & EEST / 22.00 GST
Livestream #2 – NORTH AMERICA (EAST COAST) and CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA: 18.00 CDT / 19.00 EDT / 20.00 ART & BRT
Livestream #3 – NORTH AMERICA (WEST COAST): 19.00 PDT
Livestream #4 – AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND & ASIA (on Sunday 23rd May): 16.00 ICT / 17.00 HKT & PHST / 18.00 JST & KST/ 19.00 AEST / 21.00 NZST

I’ve got my ticket and I’m gonna festival it up for the night. I’m talking, a shitty haircut, definitely shorts, glow sticks (Goes without saying) and a whole heap of gargle. I want Sunday to be a painful day so I can prove to myself, it was a good gig.

Enjoy the gig!

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