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Louis Walsh what have you done? 

If one man could be held accountable for the regulation of teenage hormones in Ireland in the 90's, it'd be Louis Walsh.  Only he knew that a few dance sessions in Diggs Lane and the ancient art of bleaching virgin hair could transform five Northsiders into an emotional harpoon aimed at Irish cailinis. A teen in love had great power in the Irish household when the boyz were due on […]

today13 October 2021


Those 90’s Clubs……

We still have the music but what about those 90's venues that contained our teenage spirit? The Belgard Inn Who recalls Nirvana's 'Smells like Teen Spirit' lifting the Old Belgard Inn up in rapturous song at 1am, or the tomfoolery of those carefree nights?  Tallaght teens, queuing to gain entry, with their 'Rachel' haircuts at the mercy of the elements.   Cascadas 'Everytime We Touch' bellowing out into the night air […]

today27 September 2021