90’s Fashion

today22 September 2021


Dublin teens sported those Adidas tearaway tracksuit bottoms of the 90’s without a care for athleticism. Three bold stripes and a legs length of snap buttons guaranteed the envy of the O’Neills cargo pants crowd. A good level of trust was essential when wearing these – as one’s friends could come along and rip the bottoms open, exposing legs, and with stronger conviction – your thighs and all.  Yet fashion history determines them as a great pair of pants for impromptu sunbathing or showing some leg when the desire arose.

Adidas “Tear Away” trackies


Then entered the curious Paco jumper rage, with 90’s teens pouring into the Ilac Centre’s Paco shop, to snag a key piece.  Most popular were the unisex jumpers, paired with an aertex t-shirt and those trusted tracksuit bottoms.

90’s Paco Jumper

Alas, Irish mammies soon took a shine to Paco’s bold colors and machine washability so it was time for these 90’s trendsetters to embrace the wide legged Xworx and Eclipse jeans.  Unique Boutique in the Ilac Centre became a jeans mecca for cutting-edge imports of smiley face jean accents and silver chains that looped down from waistbands.  Que the hordes of Eclipse jeans, Naff Naff jackets and Nope logo-ed hoodies sashaying down O’Connell Street – it was the 90’s after all and life was ‘jammy’.

Eclipse Jeans

Written by: Sean Power

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